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Moms might already be in the lookout for the easiest ways to clean up the house as summer approaches so we will be giving you easy cleaning tips that will help you bring the freshness back to your home.

Where do I start?  

Of course you want to clean the whole house at once, but that would be next to impossible. When identifying where to start, make sure to always work from ceiling down. This way, all of the dirt and dust from up there will be forced down, and you won’t have to re-dust or re-clean. Once the ceiling, wall fans and cabinets are cleaned, go for the furniture and other things that are placed in arm level, then work your way down the floor.


You can do this even before you start the cleanup – make a list of the things that you should keep displayed in the living area / kitchen, etc. This will really help you have an organized cleaning session. Do I need this item? If yes, save up and clean it for later. If not, ask yourself if you will use it at a different time. If yes, store It somewhere else. If not, you can either throw it, sell it or give it away.

Big Cleanups require proper preparation  

Here are the things you need to property clean up your house. Make sure you know where to get everything when needed, to save up cleaning time.

Vacuum & vacuum cleaner bags

Cleaning mop

Trash cans and garbage bags

Bathroom cleaners

Household cleaners

Kitchen Cleaners

Kitchen paper

Hand Soap and Sanitizers


Outdoor cleaners

Glass and window cleaners



Mop pails

Storage unit


Can I make changes?

Big cleanups are actually the best opportunity to change your house’s tone – if you feel like you want something new or something different from your usual ambience, you can change color accents especially in your living area by adding new pastel pillows, replacing art hanging on the walls and just simply changing the usual positions of furniture. This will give you an instant room transformation that you’ll love.

Complete the cleaning

You’ve changed the pillows, you’ve scrubbed the floor – everything is fresh and clean, now what’s next? Make sure to get rid of the things that are not in use by selling them or giving them away. The things which should be stored can be placed in moving boxes in the storage units. The cleaning materials should be placed neatly back to their own storage units properly so the next time you need to use them, you know where to get it!


Good luck on your Spring Cleaning!


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