• Cinco de Mayo in NYC

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    Cinco de Mayo is almost here, and while you have your usual ways of celebrating this holiday, you might want to look at new spots to spend your happy hour over sumptuous Mexican plates. There are definitely a lot of Mexican restaurants around the state, and we will take you to this great taco spot, which will definitely be a great spot to feast on the holiday.

    The Taco Project

    The Taco Project has two locations: one is in Tarrytown and one is in Yonkers (we will post their website below!). The Tarrytown branch is the perfect spot if you’re looking for nice views of Tarrytown’s amiable downtown, and of course, the authentic Mexican food (which shouldn’t be associated to Tex-Mex food served in Taco Bell!). They make the best Mexican meals with the freshest ingredients so you will definitely return, even if it is not Cinco de Mayo. Keep in mind that they have their Taco Project Specials, so make sure to ask the staff what’s their special for the day!

    What to Get

    Don’t get us wrong – everything that TTP serves are made from fresh ingredients, so they are all naturally delicious but you can’t order everything in one seating, so we thought  we’d give you a moment of insight on our house favorites:

    Guacamole with House-Made White Corn Tortilla Chips

    Steak Tacos (Skirt Steak, Chimmichurn, Cilantro, Radish, Guaca-Salsa, Grilled Scallion)

    Fish Tacos (Grilled or Beer Batter Atlantic Cod, Citrus, Slaw, Radish, Jalapeno Cilantro Emulsion)


    Vegan but still want to experience the Mexican vibe? Worry no more, TTP got you with a couple of options, like this Truffle Mushroom Taco with Oyster, shitake and cremini mushrooms, sautéed baby kale and truffle oil.


    Celebration of Cinco de Mayo won’t be complete without the drinks, so make sure to ask the server about TTP’s Cerveza, Taco Project Sangria, or just the Mexican Coke and Sprite.


    The Taco Project is the best spot to go to if you want a fun, relaxing environment with tasty Mexican food. Share your photos with us with your house favorites if you drop and visit so we can feature your food shots!





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