• Summer Solstice in NYC!

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    Okay, you might or might not have heard of this – but what is Summer Solstice? Technically speaking, it is an astronomical occasion where the Earth is titled in its greatest inclination toward the sun, providing the longest period between sunrise and sunset.

    In the early ages, native American tribes spend the longest day of the year by performing Sun Dance, and other historical celebrations of the summer solstice. Millennials might not know what to do on this day, so here are a few tips from your AM Girls:

    Get Your Yoga on with Athleta Mind Over Madness Yoga

    For the past years, this group is helping New Yorkers greet the morning sun on the first day of summer in Times Square by giving out a free hour-long class from 9 am to 7:30 pm. Have a sesh with your best bud by registering at the Solstice and receive a complimentary yoga mat!

    Hop around in the Big Apple

    The streets are watching and so are you. NYC has probably the most number of performers in subways and streets, so you will never go wrong in roaming around after a good yoga session and just feel the vibe and be inspired with how these musicians passionately play their instruments.

    Find the best Restaurant in the City

    This requires preparation. Everyone is most likely spending the day outside, so it is best to find your ideal restaurant or café where you’ll spend an hour or two munching on the most scrumptious dishes you’ve been craving for. Make reservations as early as two weeks ahead to avoid any hassle. After lunch, walk around NYC and find the best hotdogs or dessert and you’ll surely have a great time.

    Fire in the Park

    Historically, Summer solstice are celebrated based on fire, so it is undeniable that many people gather along different parks in picnic and planning a nighttime bonfire after the beautiful sunset. Make sure to bring enough for the family or friends (hey, s’mores are a must!) so you have a great time while enjoying each other’s company while watching the night sky.

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