• Happy National Doughnut Day!

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    They say I can’t buy happiness, but why do my dopamine levels go all silly when I buy doughnuts? Undeniably, doughnuts are just irresistible and what better way to indulge on our favorite frosted treat than on National Doughnut Day?

    Today, the AM Girls will take you from places serving classic to dressed-up doughnut shops that will cater to your June 1st celebration!

    Daily Provisions, Gramercy

    Classic doughnuts? Say no more with Daily Provisions’ classic crullers. The rings of twisted dough are made from French pâte à choux (a much lighter and eggier dough than the yeasty American version). You can get different flavors such as maple, cinnamon, or just the classic glaze. They are serving coffee and pastries until 11:30 AM only, so it’s better to go there before 10AM!

    103 E 19th St, New York, NY 10003 • 212-488-1505

    Doughnut Plant, Lower East Side

    Ever heard of coconut lime and rose petal doughnuts? How about crème Brule doughseed with crisp shells and creamy vanilla filling? This doughnut quest only gets better with a dine in experience with Doughnut Plant. Their yeast, cake and filled doughnuts are available in four NYC locations – Lower East Side, Chelsea Hotel, Brooklyn and Queens, plus there is DELIVERY, so if you can’t go out, better call their hotline for fresh baked goodies in your doorstep!

    379 Grand St, New York, NY 10002 • 212-505-3700 ext. 379

    The Donut Pub, Chelsea

    Did you say a Doughnut Shop that is open for 24 hours? Sweet word. This 50+ years doughnut shop owned by a mom and pop is located in Chelsea, and they have the fluffiest and lightest version of traditional glazed donuts. You can also spoil yourself with filled, croissant and other special donuts. They also have little dippers, pastries, bagels and actually, almost anything you can think of when you’re craving for flavored bread!

    203 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011 • 646-398-7007

    Boxer Donut, Nyack

    The smallest shop in Nyack, NY—definitely worth a try!  One of its most renowned offerings is its maple bacon donut, and it's easy to see why: the donut is infused and topped with candied bacon (which is soaked in maple syrup), then coated in caramelized sugar and left to bake for hours—yum!

    Boxer Donut​ 18 N Franklin St., Nyack • (845) 353-5300

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  • Memorial Day Planning

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    Being in New York City on Memorial Day gives you the easiest and cheapest ways of spending the unofficial kick-off to summer. NYC has something to give from skyline views, parks, art museums and memorials, so we’ll give you some of the free activities you can do on the three-day weekend.

    Fleet Week at the Intrepid

    Nothing beats spending Memorial Day than to indulge in the real meaning of the celebration. What happens in a Fleet Week in NYC? An active military ship (or two) recently deployed in overseas operations docks for one week. Once the ships dock, the crews visit the city. Sometimes, the public can take a guided tour of the ships. This is a free annual event that caters to honor US Military service men and women, with loads of presentations and activities.

    Lower East Side Festival of the Arts

    What can go better than free theater music, dance, film and art for the three-day weekend? The Theater for the New City gives you the Lower East Side Festival of the Arts, which pays tribute to the artists of the Lower East Side and East Village with live performances, poetry reading, cabaret and others. In a generation full of Social Media and Smart Phones, this is one of the best ways to reconnect to art, through watching live performance on a non-working day, enjoying every minute of it.

    Enjoy Central Park

    Central Park is one of the best parks to spend Memorial Day in, with its 500 acres of grass, lakes and ponds, this will give you a breath of fresh air after a week of working too hard in the office. Kids will enjoy being able to fly kites, enjoying a picnic or just simply sight-seeing everyone who’s having fun under the sun. After spending the afternoon in Central Park, be sure to walk in NYC streets on the lookout for the best New York hotdog or pizza. Walking through NYC streets during Memorial weekend immerses you into NYC’s diverse culture and cuisine.


    It is a three-day weekend, so your kids might want to utilize this as a bonding time. The best way to scan through the neighborhood is through biking together, as it is convenient and nature-friendly. If you do not have bicycles at home, there are a lot of NY Bike Rentals in Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge and Harlem that you can contact for an experience your kids will surely love.

    While there are many options to consider on Memorial Day planning, the most important thing is to remember what the day is really for, and to make sure that we pay homage to the people who served for our country.

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  • Armonk Chamber Sidewalk Sale

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    Aside from apples and donuts, Armonk is also known for its annual town-wide Sidewalk Sale and as May nears, locals are starting to buzz about it.

    AprilMarin is one of the many to participate in the Sidewalk Sale on May 17th – make sure to drop by our booth during business hours to score good deals of our collections, shawls, sweaters and scarves, which you can give as a gift or for yourself!

    The community celebration itself starts at 5pm and aside from the main events, you get to enjoy the scrumptious food and beverage selections from 5-8:30 PM! Don’t forget to mention ‘Third Thursday’ when ordering so you could get the Special! There will be activities such as art contests which will be suitable for the whole family. You can also get to enjoy the live band performances while you’re restaurant-hopping through the night.

    Please see above image for complete program participants.

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  • Cinco de Mayo in NYC

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    Cinco de Mayo is almost here, and while you have your usual ways of celebrating this holiday, you might want to look at new spots to spend your happy hour over sumptuous Mexican plates. There are definitely a lot of Mexican restaurants around the state, and we will take you to this great taco spot, which will definitely be a great spot to feast on the holiday.

    The Taco Project

    The Taco Project has two locations: one is in Tarrytown and one is in Yonkers (we will post their website below!). The Tarrytown branch is the perfect spot if you’re looking for nice views of Tarrytown’s amiable downtown, and of course, the authentic Mexican food (which shouldn’t be associated to Tex-Mex food served in Taco Bell!). They make the best Mexican meals with the freshest ingredients so you will definitely return, even if it is not Cinco de Mayo. Keep in mind that they have their Taco Project Specials, so make sure to ask the staff what’s their special for the day!

    What to Get

    Don’t get us wrong – everything that TTP serves are made from fresh ingredients, so they are all naturally delicious but you can’t order everything in one seating, so we thought  we’d give you a moment of insight on our house favorites:

    Guacamole with House-Made White Corn Tortilla Chips

    Steak Tacos (Skirt Steak, Chimmichurn, Cilantro, Radish, Guaca-Salsa, Grilled Scallion)

    Fish Tacos (Grilled or Beer Batter Atlantic Cod, Citrus, Slaw, Radish, Jalapeno Cilantro Emulsion)


    Vegan but still want to experience the Mexican vibe? Worry no more, TTP got you with a couple of options, like this Truffle Mushroom Taco with Oyster, shitake and cremini mushrooms, sautéed baby kale and truffle oil.


    Celebration of Cinco de Mayo won’t be complete without the drinks, so make sure to ask the server about TTP’s Cerveza, Taco Project Sangria, or just the Mexican Coke and Sprite.


    The Taco Project is the best spot to go to if you want a fun, relaxing environment with tasty Mexican food. Share your photos with us with your house favorites if you drop and visit so we can feature your food shots!





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