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Who wouldn’t want to have outdoor entertainment on warm days and cool evenings? Spring is the best season to have a garden party, may it be for Mothers’ Day, a graduation celebration, or just a casual get together. It’s time to utilize your backyards for a gathering you won’t forget.

Who’s Invited?

This is probably the most important information you want to gather as it will determine how much food you will be serving. List down the number of people you’d want to come over for the said date and send out invitations (don’t forget to confirm the exact number before the exact event to ensure everything is in proper order).

Spring Theme

Make sure that you theme will favor both males and females, kids and adults. You want everyone to have fun so it’s better to not favor just one age group, or one gender. We highly recommend selecting pastel to coastal colors to complement your lawn’s and garden’s sunny feel. Best color pair? Turquoise, pink and yellow. If your party will be held late afternoon, make sure to put up pretty string lights which aren’t just lighting, but a very instagrammable subject which will make your guest can’t help but to take a snapshot. Gather the best party songs which are not too loud for you to be able to still talk to each other, but not too soft that your guests will request for them to take over the jock.

Food Selection

This might be the most challenging part of the party, so make sure it is on point! Since it is not a formal party, your guests are most likely walking or moving around the area, so it is best to have food servings that can be taken wherever they sit, even if they transfer seats. Your best bet are fresh fruits either put on a stick or small cups. Give the kids some love by including marshmallows, chocolate fountain with different dips and biscuits. Do not forget the quesadillas, mini pizzas, cupcakes, fries and barbecues which are crowd favorites.

 You might start the party while the sun is out, so having drinks is extremely important. Stuck up on different flavored juices and bottled water for the kids. If you want a little booze, it is better to prepare a signature cocktail for the entire party so you can control the alcohol content that your guests will probably have.

Your Instagram Corner

Okay, most of us always want to rave about what we did for spring – so what better way to do it than to boast it on Instagram? The best (and cheapest) way of giving your guests a remembrance is by putting up a photo wall where they can stand and take pictures showing off their OOTDs, however long they want. Since it is a Spring Garden Party, best photo wall design would be a DIY boxwood backdrop – it is a live greenery and flower wall which would be perfect for every photo you will take.

(How to make it: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/555983516483179101/ )  


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