• Father’s Day Gift Guide: Types of Dads and What Gifts to Give Them

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    Doing a last-minute gift hunting for your beloved dad? We’re here to help!

    Father’s Day is probably one of the best days to show some extra loving to your dads. Gift hunting won’t be that hard for you especially if you know what he really loves (well, he would actually like everything you’re going to give him *wink*). Scratch the usual greeting card and cake and look at the following categories that we gathered to help you find the best gift for dad!

    The Workaholic Dad

    So other dads’ usual 8-5 is 7-7pm to your dad? Relatable. Most dads are really attached to their work stuff because he wants the best for his family – and that should make you feel really proud! Show him that you support him a hundred percent by giving something that he can use while he’s working! Instead of the usual briefcase or duffel bag, try looking for a leather-ish backpack which can contain all of his things and he can carry on wherever he goes. Include a high-end power bank for his work phone – that way, he will never lose battery again!

    The Geeky Dad

    Does your dad still line up on every Marvel Movie Premiere Night? If he does, well you’ve got a geeky dad. He thinks he’s still one of the kids, and everyone adores them! If your dad is this type, he’ll probably most likely to still be playing with you after his work hours end until you both get tired. The best gift idea for geeky dads is none other than his favorite movie-inspired shirt and tumbler! His inner geek will definitely be shining once he sees that you really put in an effort in finding his favorite character!

    The Musician Dad

    This will probably be the most obvious thing to identify – if your dad really loves music! You might have grown up seeing an acoustic guitar hanging on your parents’ room, or maybe even used to having music sessions with your dad – or duh, just waking up to blasting music every day! You can get Mom’s help on this one to really get your dad’s favorite artist and you can choose from a variety of choices: Either a concert ticket, an album, or even an acoustic guitar inspired by that band!

    We know that we cannot reciprocate the gift of life, but this is the best time to spoil your dad a little bit and let him know that you appreciate all of what he’s done for your family! Happy Father’s Day!

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