• What to wear for a BBQ

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    Aren’t outdoor parties one of the best part of ending spring and welcoming summer? ‘Tis the season for sumptuous and fun grilling and you might have received a lot of invites from friends, colleagues and relatives, so it’s best to be ready with your stylish yet comfortable outfit.

    Make sure to consider your comfort when choosing your outfit as it will help you enjoy the event more. Your footwear should be stylish as well, however, the location will determine what the appropriate footwear will be.

    Here are some tips on what to wear for different types of BBQ party:

    Business BBQ

    If your office colleagues are setting up an annual cookout, it’s best to select office-friendly hues such as blue, black and whites. The simpler, the better. Pull off a plain top and a white pair of pants and finish it off with a fab necklace, and you’re ready to party! We love this West Hampton Sweater Poncho in Black – it is a casual sweater but it looks stylish when worn with white pants and vintage beads.


    House BBQ

    Go for clothes which are made of cotton especially if the day is hot, to help your skin breathe while enjoying the BBQ party. Colorful sundresses are the best bet to House BBQs as they look cool and comfortable, especially when paired with sandals or sneakers. Keep in mind that it is a BBQ party so you might be sitting on low chairs, which will make your skirt go up – make sure your legs are covered in nice length and you’re good to go.

    Beach BBQ

    This has got to be everyone’s favorite, as it involves the beach! You have a lot of choices when it comes to what to wear to a Beach BBQ party, it depends on the activities you will be prepared to do when out and about in the midday sun. Maxi dresses are great if you want to go swimming because you can easily wear your swimsuit underneath them. If there will be no swimming involved, you can go for a Denim pair of shorts, a white tank top worn with April Marin’s Montauk Tassel Scarf – this gives you the best beach-chic vibe especially if you go for the aqua one!



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