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Runway Trend to Try Now: Capes

Thursday, October 29th, 2009



untitledWomen all over have been spotted wearing the newest fashion trend: CAPES! Capes come in countless colors and patterns and are comfortable, yet sophisticated. Check out AprilMarin’s new capes; they come in different colors and look great on women everywhere. They can be worn with jeans, or dressed up with a skirt.


Sneak Peek at a new addition to our Fall Line!

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009


Check out our Rachel Dress in heather grey-super cute! Wear casual with cute flats or a night out with heels-extremely versatile!  This dress along with a bunch of other designs will be available on soon- stay tuned!


Quick Fix, Non-Exercise Body Slim Down Tricks!

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Although we do encourage exercise, there are often times when everyone is in dire need of a quick slim down fix. When you haven’t had time to hit the gym, or just aren’t feeling too great about your body, try these fashion tips for a slimmer you.

Often, a little pushing up of the “girls” (if I may call them) is a super easy way to look more fit. A push up bra or any bra with a bit of padding will give the appearance of improved posture while giving the look of being more in shape. This is because it takes away any sag. Along with this temporary lift, wearing a body shaper, such as a Spanx high-waisted body piece, will make your midsection look slimmer and toned. Wearing a belt above the hips will also help your waist look smaller. Since flowy tops are in, wearing a looser shirt is a more comfortable and easy way to make any anything you aren’t comfortable with disappear.

If you are more concerned about your lower body, here are a few secrets. Weather permitting, dark colored tights are an easy way to make your legs look slimmer. Also they will help your ensure that your legs are not the main focus of your outfit. Covering your legs draws attention elsewhere. If you want to make your legs look slimmer, just throw on some heels. Any size heel will make your calves look tighter and give you a sexy boost. If you want to add the illusion of extra length to your legs, wear skin colored heels, they will make your legs look never-ending!

So your plan is to draw attention away from your rear?  We suggest that you don’t wear garments with details on the backside. For example, don’t wear jeans with big back pockets, or a dress with ruffles in the back. Also, wearing darker colors on your bottom half will make you look slimmer.

If you are worried about your arms, just your luck- styles with covered arms are in! Long sleeves that cover your arms will draw attention away, and instead of wearing arm jewelry, accent other features by wearing a bold necklace or earrings. Also, similar to Spanx for your tummy, there are body shapers for your arms! They work the same way as Spanx by fitting under yours clothes and give a smoother and more toned look. Get one at for $26.95.

Hope you enjoy these tips! Never the less, no matter what shape or size, remember you’re always beautiful!

Fall 2009 Trend: Peplum Jackets

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

 We LOVE this fall trend!  A peplum jacket is a short coat that has a little skirt at the bottom and the AprilMarin Dylan jacket is a perfect example of one.  Its ruffled bottom makes this jacket a fall must and it looks perfect with dark jeans, or black pants if you’re are going for a fancier look.  Because this trend can be worn often and in a variety of ways, it is definitely worth wearing.



Beige, grey or green are all perfect jacket colors for the fall, but AprilMarin offers a variety of colors to choose from.  I know I will be enjoying this chic trend as much as possible!



Tibi’s Fall 2009 collection includes peplum jackets as well.0220-peplum-jackets_li



AprilMarin Item of the Week!

Monday, July 20th, 2009


AprilMarin’s Daisy Dress is a great dress for any day. This dress has several unique features, including a wide waist hem, pleated skirt bottom, covered front buttons, and of course the adorable Peter Pan collar. It is a polo-type look made into dress, making it a full outfit. It has been worn, and looks great, casually with a pair of jeans and sandals, or can be dressed up with fun heels or wedges. It’s your go-to dress for any day and can be worn in many ways, so be creative! Since it is summer and the sun is out wear this dress in yellow!

Fall Feature Color: Grey

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Get a head start on picking out your fall outfits; grey is in! This color is a perfect warm fall favorite, and it is a great alternative instead of black, favored in the cooler months. Brighten up your outfit by adding color with accessories and fun shoes.

The AprilMarin Chelsea Dress in grey is a perfect classic that will keep your style up to date on this trend, while keeping you comfortable this fall. The satin accent on the sleeve of this tweed-like lightweight poly-cotton dress breaks up the color and makes it less monotone, and extremely fashionable. It’s square-neckline also adds a unique detail that is very fashion forward. Too cool for your legs to go bare in this dress? Add lightweight grey or black tights for an ultra-chic look.

Chelsea Dress

Chelsea Dress

Can you guess what Michael Kors’ fall line includes? You guessed it! A grey tweed dress with an interesting neckline! Get your AprilMarin Chelsea dress for a tenth of the cost.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors

Explosive Style for the Fourth!

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

We’re celebrating Independence Day the AprilMarin way, and there’s no better way to express your patriotism through your style!

A red, white or blue dress is a must for your Fourth of July party!

Try AprilMarin’s Audrey dress in RED,


The Classic Capri Suit in WHITE,



The Capri Dress in BLUE!!


Have a safe and stylish Fourth!

Summer Styling from Head to Toe

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

You can perfect any fashion trend in the book, but trendy hair always completes the look.  There are several simple in dos that will add a hint of girly, flirty, fun or sophistication to your look this summer.


Due to fashion trends of 2008, shorter haircuts are now growing out.  Trends are now going even shorter.  The pixie cut is the way to go if you are a stick-out-of the-crowd kind of girl.  Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes are famous for this cut, but I just

L-O-V-E Elisha Cuthbert’s.




If you aren’t as daring, or are letting your hair grow out from your last hair excursion, do not fear, the bob is here.  The cut sits at the nape of the neck, and is perfect for the hot summer days and is an easy to style cut, especially since messy out-of-bed-short-hair is in.  Longhaired girl and afraid of the scissors?  You can still enjoy this trend!  Grab bobby pins that match your hair and pin it up and under to the nape of the neck.


Check out how Heidi Klum’s bob frames her face perfectly




Not looking for a cut, but still want to try something new?  Braids are possibly the quickest way to do so.  Starting above one eyebrow, French braid towards the other side of your head and bobby pin behind the ear and under some hair.  This brings an instant innocence, yet glamour, to any look.  As seen below on Lauren Conrad.




Also, new braided hairpieces help those with shorter hair or the inability to braid (its ok, some people just can’t seem to get it down!)  Finding one that matched your hair perfectly may be hard, but once you do, just slip it in and go!  We love that this style can be worn casual or dressed up.  Sienna Miller pulls off this look beautifully.




Mermaid and beachy waves are an obvious summer do.  Perfect again for any occasion, these waves are sexy and sophisticated.  When you aren’t at the beach, but want to catch these waves, take 1-2 inch pieces of hair and wrap them around hot curlers, pin them and let ‘em cool.  Take them out and pull a large-tooth comb through your hair.  You’ll end up with big soft waves.  Use a soft hairspray for hold.



Summertime Scarves

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Scarves as a summer trend? Who would’ve thought! Now with lightweight and brightly colored scarves, why wouldn’t this winter trend stay year round? Here are a few tips that will keep you fashionably cool this summer.

Like we said, lightweight is the way to go. If your scarf is too heavy, it defeats the purpose of dressing for the sun of summer. A colorful scarf or one with a print and fringe tassels is perfect for summer because it is an easy accessory. There are several ways to effortlessly accomplish this style and add a little something to your outfit!

Typically, scarves are worn wrapped around the neck, and in the summertime you can continue this look. Just wrap the scarf loosely around your neck twice, or, while the scarf hangs down around your neck, do a quick, loose half tie and go. What a breeze!

You may also decide to wear your scarf like a shawl. This is a beautiful way to cover your shoulders while wearing a sundress that shows a heavy amount of skin above the waist. Easily wear the scarf completely open and draped over the shoulders and hanging down and under the arm.

Another classy way to tie your scarf is called the “cowboy collar”. Fold a bigger square scarf in half making a triangle, pull tips over the shoulder and tie in front. Instant sophistication!

And if you want to get more daring and fancy, do the Jackie O! By folding a square scarf in half on the diagonal and tying at front or nape of the neck so it covers the hair, you can become an instant classic!

Too hot for you to actually wear your scarf? Tie a silky square one on the handle of your handbag for a ladylike extra.

Fashion Trend: Bold Jewelry

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

The best way to dress up you ensemble is with the right jewelry and now big, adventurous, beautiful pieces are in! An elegant yet simple outfit is perfect to pair with layers of oversized gems and necklaces. The jewels will add the perfect extra touch and glam up your look. Even though some of these pieces seem a bit extravagant, they still look chic. We recommend wearing the extra bold earrings separate from the extra bold necklace, so pick one or the other for a stunning everyday look. Check out these stylish celebs (Sarah Jessica Parker, Michelle Obama and Madonna) that are making statements with this new trend!